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Interesting facts about the Hognose Snake

To scare off predators the hognose snake has a cobra-like hood. They are very huffy and puffy snakes who will pretend to be more vicious than they really are, by opening their hood, hissing and striking the threat with a closed mouth.

Hognose snakes are especially famous for playing dead when threatened. This is usually after the above display has failed to ward off the thing that is making them anxious, so they play dead to avoid being eaten. This works because there are few creatures in the world that will actually eat carrion. Hognose snakes are great actors and will play dead with great authenticity. They lay on their backs with their mouths open and will even give off a foul smell to make their deception more believable.

Another interesting fact about the hognose snake's defensive habits is that once the Hognose snake is playing dead, if you turn it over onto it's front it will instantaneously flip back onto it's back to keep up the charade.

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Hognose Snake Photos

Western Hognose eating a mouse
Western Hognose snake
Western Hognose eating
Western Hognose up close

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